About HerbSumo

Here in HerbSumo, we believe in the power of hemp to create a sustainable future.

HerbSumo is a group of motivated and inspired individuals dedicated to researching hemp and CBD for the health of people, the community, and the planet.

Our team, in the beautiful Dorset, we’ve been using and researching organic hemp since 2016.

As well as a co-operative we’re also a not-for-profit, which means we’re driven by our values and not by our wallets.

We believe in living in harmony with the land and creating sustainable rural livelihoods and are blessed to exist as a growing community of beautiful people working together towards our shared vision.

We love hemp and the potential for it as massive which is why we’ve created this blog to spread the information as far and wide as possible can. If you are a fan of Hemp please help us spread the word!


Thank you so much for your corporation!


Warm regards

Brain Brossi